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Crafting a Tranquil Oasis in West Norwood, London

Nestled in the heart of leafy South London, we embarked on a project that transformed a simple garden into a serene haven. In this blog post, we invite you to explore the story of a studio designed around a cherished bay tree and discover how our garden services created a harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

Studio with a Purpose

This unique studio serves a dual role: it's not just a workspace but also a sanctuary for yoga practice. It's more than a building; it's a place for creativity and self-discovery.

Design Elements: Charred Larch, Birch Plywood, and Sedum

Every detail of this studio was meticulously planned to complement its natural surroundings. The exterior, adorned with charred larch battens, seamlessly merges with the garden's lush greenery. Inside, birch plywood lines the walls, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Above, a sedum-covered roof adds a touch of eco-conscious elegance, providing a habitat for local wildlife.

A Touch of Warmth: Copper Panels

One of the standout features of this studio is the copper panels embedded in the facade. These panels serve a dual purpose: not only do they provide a unique design element during the day, but they also radiate a warm and welcoming glow at night, enhancing the atmosphere.

Materials that Match the Ambiance

In the journey to bring this garden studio to life, it was crucial to select materials that harmonised with the space's ambiance. Every choice, from charred larch to birch plywood, aimed to capture the essence of the garden, creating a seamless connection between nature and architecture.


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