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Transforming a Waterlogged Paddock into a Masterpiece: Kew Green's Award-Winning Garden

Transforming a Waterlogged Paddock into a Masterpiece

Welcome to Kew Green, where we're not just passionate about gardens – we're dedicated to turning your outdoor space into a breathtaking oasis. Established in 2007 by our visionary founder, Peter Downes, Kew Green has evolved into a household name across Oxfordshire and its neighbouring counties. Our commitment to delivering creative, innovative, and professional garden designs has earned us a growing reputation, and we're excited to share our latest success with you.

The Transformation Begins

Imagine starting with a waterlogged, disused paddock as the canvas for a garden masterpiece. This was the challenge we embraced, and the results are truly stunning. Our dedicated team, each an expert in their respective fields, stepped in to turn this daunting task into a reality.

A Solution to Water Woes

The soggy ground was a significant hurdle, but we tackled it head-on. To combat the persistent issue of wet ground, we implemented a herringbone drainage system. This simple yet effective solution helped ensure that water no longer played spoilsport in your garden.

Enhancing Soil Structure

To optimise the garden's performance, we embarked on a mission of digging and importing organic matter. This step was crucial to improving the soil structure and enhancing natural drainage. By creating a solid foundation, we set the stage for a thriving outdoor paradise.

Elegance in Every Detail

In our pursuit of excellence, we didn't leave any stone unturned – quite literally. For the retaining walls, we chose yellow quartz paddle stone walling, which not only served its purpose but also added a touch of elegance to the landscape. Custom bullnosed copings were carefully selected to complement the paved areas, creating a harmonious, polished look.

A Symphony of Light

The magic of this garden doesn't end when the sun goes down. We've carefully designed an illumination system that transforms your outdoor haven into a whole new world at night. The soft glow showcases the beauty of the cube pleached trees, creating a unique and mesmerising atmosphere.

Marshalls Award Winning Garden 2018/19

Our dedication to perfection has been recognised and celebrated by receiving the prestigious Marshalls Award for Best Garden in 2018/19. This honour reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional garden designs and top-tier workmanship.

Discover Your Dream Garden with Kew Green

At Kew Green, we believe in building strong relationships with our clients. We listen to your aspirations for your outdoor space and execute them efficiently. Client satisfaction is at the core of our values, and we take pride in guiding your project from inception to completion seamlessly.

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