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Garden with gravel, purple flowers and a circular water feature


Our main focus is on large-scale garden projects and outdoor transformations. We collaborate with individual clients on gardens of all sizes, as well as makeovers for outdoor spaces and gardens for businesses and parks. Unfortunately, we do not offer one-off or regular garden maintenance.

  • Hard Landscaping Design and Construction
    Walling Our walling services encompass a wide range of styles and materials, from timeless brick and block work to elegant rendering, rustic dry stone, and contemporary cladding. Our walls aren't just structures; they are crafted to withstand the test of time, combining durability with aesthetic appeal. Whether you seek a classic look or a modern design, our walling solutions will transform your outdoor space. Retaining Walls Combining visual appeal with landscape stability, our retaining walls secure your outdoor space while adding a touch of elegance. Whether you need to terrace your garden or create a stunning focal point, our retaining walls are the solution. Paving Paving is the canvas on which your outdoor space comes to life. Our expertise lies in the art of laying functional, visually captivating paving that seamlessly blends form and function. Each step you take in your garden will be a testament to our commitment to excellence, as we transform your space into a harmonious, inviting environment. Fencing Protecting your property need not sacrifice style. Our professional fencing solutions combine security with aesthetic enhancement. We offer a variety of fencing options, from classic to contemporary, ensuring your outdoor area is both safe and visually pleasing. Decking Elevate your outdoor living experience with our expertly designed and crafted decks. We understand that decking is more than just a platform; it's an extension of your home, a space where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Our decks blend beauty and utility, creating a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor worlds. Driveways Your driveway is often the first impression visitors have of your property. Our stylish and durable driveway designs not only make a lasting first impression but also provide a functional and attractive entryway. We consider every detail to create driveways that complement your property's aesthetics and your lifestyle. Bespoke Construction Our skilled workshop team transforms your ideas into reality, crafting specialised joinery to elevate your outdoor space. From enhancing privacy to addressing practical challenges or creating stunning focal points, our meticulous approach ensures unparalleled design, quality, and detail. No commission is too small, as we bring your vision to life through bespoke furniture, benches, gates & decorative structures. Each creation is unique, reflecting our commitment to individuality and craftsmanship
  • Soft Landscaping & Design
    Turfing Achieving a lush, green lawn is an art, and our meticulous turfing services are your palette. We carefully select the right type of grass for your location, prepare the soil, and lay the turf to create a vibrant, thriving lawn that will be the pride of your garden. Tree Planting Trees add life, shade, and character to your landscape. Our professional tree planting services ensure that the trees in your garden are not just planted but also nurtured for growth. From selecting the right species to proper planting and ongoing care, we provide your garden with the gift of time-honoured trees. General Planting Our keen eye for detail extends to the selection and arrangement of plants and flowers in your garden. We carefully curate a palette of flora to enhance your garden's beauty, providing year-round colour, texture, and fragrance.
  • Garden Rooms and Summer Houses
    Summer Houses Experience a tranquil escape right in your own backyard with our beautiful summer house designs. These cosy retreats offer the perfect space for relaxation, reading, or simply enjoying the beauty of your garden, no matter the season. Garden Rooms Discover versatile and stylish garden rooms that seamlessly blend comfort and functionality. From serene workspaces to cozy retreats, create a bespoke extension of your home in the heart of nature. Garden Studios Elevate your outdoor living with our garden studios. Tailored for creativity or relaxation, these purposeful spaces provide a harmonious blend of comfort and inspiration in your own garden. Garden Office Elevate your work-from-home experience with our bespoke garden offices. Designed for productivity and comfort, these stylish workspaces seamlessly integrate with your outdoor environment, offering a tranquil setting for focused and inspiring work.
  • Landscape Design Services
    Garden Design Transform your outdoor space with a professionally designed garden. Our landscape designers are artists who use the elements of nature to create breathtaking compositions. From concept to completion, we'll turn your vision into a vibrant, living masterpiece. Makeovers Sometimes, all your garden needs is a little rejuvenation. Our makeover expertise can renovate and revitalise your landscape, bringing new life to every corner. Whether you seek a subtle refresh or a complete garden transformation, our makeovers breathe new energy into your outdoor space. Planting Plans: Every great garden begins with a well-thought-out planting plan. Our experts will help you select the right plants and flowers to create a garden that thrives and flourishes in harmony with your vision. Garden Lighting Illuminate your outdoor space with creative garden lighting solutions. Our lighting designs not only add a touch of magic to your garden but also enhance its safety and functionality, allowing you to enjoy its beauty both day and night.
  • Specialised Garden Elements
    Outdoor Kitchens/BBQs Enhance your outdoor cooking experience with our custom outdoor kitchen and BBQ solutions. We create functional, stylish outdoor culinary spaces that will delight both the chef and the guests. Ponds Introduce a touch of nature to your garden with our professionally designed and constructed ponds. These serene water features not only beautify your landscape but also create a calming oasis for relaxation. Discover the joy of aquatic life and watch your garden transform into a haven of tranquility. Water Features Elevate your outdoor space with the soothing sounds and visual appeal of water features. We can assist in sourcing and designing water features which add sensory dimension to your garden, enhancing the overall experience. Enjoy the tranquil ambiance created by the gentle flow of water in your own outdoor haven.


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Thank you for your interest. Our primary focus is on garden projects, makeovers & construction. Regrettably, we do not provide one-off or regular garden maintenance, lawn mowing, tarmac, pruning or trimming. Is there still something else you'd like to contact us about?
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