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Unlocking the Beauty of Wheatley, Oxfordshire: Our Garden Transformation

One of our latest projects in Wheatley, Oxfordshire, a place where nature's beauty meets the challenge of maintaining a large, steep-sloped garden. At Kew Green, we thrive on turning challenges into opportunities, and this garden was no exception. Join us on this journey to discover how we harnessed the stunning views of the countryside to create a haven of relaxation and natural beauty.

Gabion Retaining Walls: The Art of Terracing

One of the first challenges we faced in this transformation was the steep slope. To make the most of the garden space and enhance its functionality, we turned to gabion retaining walls. These innovative structures not only provide structural stability but also add a unique aesthetic to the garden. The result? A series of inviting terraces that beckon you to sit, relax, and savour the breathtaking countryside views.

Lawned Terraces with Ornamental Grasses

Our design philosophy emphasises not only functionality but also the harmonious integration of nature. To achieve this, we constructed a series of lawned terraces. These green sanctuaries serve as a perfect backdrop to the surrounding countryside. Planting beds adorned with ornamental grasses were strategically placed to infuse the garden with color, texture, and a sense of natural wonder.

Wildflower Meadow Turf: A Touch of the Wild

In our commitment to biodiversity and sustainability, we introduced areas of wildflower meadow turf. These patches of untamed beauty add a touch of the wild to the garden, attracting local wildlife and enhancing the overall ecological balance. It's a delightful contrast to the manicured lawns and structured terraces.

Creating a Beautiful Garden Retreat

The final result is a garden that embodies both function and aesthetics. It's a space where you can unwind, connect with nature, and escape the demands of everyday life. At Kew Green, we take pride in our ability to transform challenging spaces into captivating outdoor sanctuaries.


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