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Kennington, Oxford: Creating Intimate Garden Retreats

Discover the magic of Kennington, Oxford, where we embarked on a mission to transform a garden into an oasis of intimacy and relaxation. In this blog post, we unveil the secrets of how we achieved an atmosphere of serenity and elegance.

The Sunken Lounge with Fire Pit

The heart of the garden is the sunken lounge area, complete with a fire pit that invites you to unwind and connect with the warmth of the flames. By lowering this space a level, we created an intimate setting that beckons you to linger and enjoy the moment.

Nature's Embrace: Pleached Trees and Evergreen Planting

The lounge area is cocooned by the embrace of nature. Pleached trees stand sentinel on one side, their elegant forms creating a natural boundary. On the other side, a lush evergreen planting adds to the tranquility of the space.

Dining and Lounge Zones Defined

We've carved out distinct zones within the garden. The dining area and the lounge are separated by a row of multi-stemmed trees, allowing for both to coexist harmoniously while maintaining their individuality.

Seamless Beauty: Paving and Decking

Paving and decking are seamlessly installed flush with each other, creating a sense of unity and elegance. These elements not only define walkways and sitting areas but also add to the overall aesthetic appeal.

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