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Elevating Your Home's Entrance: The Bagley Wood, Kennington Transformation

Step into the world of garden transformation as we unveil our latest project in Bagley Wood, Kennington. Our goal was clear: to create a stylish and inviting entrance that complements the existing structure while adding a touch of contemporary charm. This blog post will take you through the journey of how we achieved this beautiful transformation.

Respecting the Foundations

Our approach was not to reinvent the wheel but to build upon the existing retaining walls and steps, using them as a solid substructure. We breathed new life into the tired old masonry by refacing it with up-to-date materials, blending tradition with modernity.

Contemporary Elegance

The design of the entrance seamlessly flows with the contemporary style of the house. We introduced a range of elements that make this entrance a true showstopper. From the use of timber to the inclusion of granite plank paving with gravel pathways, every detail was carefully chosen to exude a sense of elegance.

Nature's Embrace: Feather Grass Swathes

To enhance the natural beauty of the entrance, we incorporated swathes of feather grass. The delicate, feathery appearance of this grass adds a soft and organic touch to the landscape, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Cedar Pergola Walkway

The highlight of the entrance is the cedar pergola walkway. Crafted with precision, this wooden structure not only complements the cedar-clad property but also harmonizes with the woodland studio we had the privilege to design for the garden. It's the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Collaboration with Locorumand

To bring this vision to life, we had the privilege of collaborating with the London-based design team Locorumand. Together, we achieved a result that reflects the seamless fusion of creativity and expertise.


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