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Elevating Relaxation and Entertainment in Bagley Wood, Kennington

Welcome to our latest garden transformation project in Bagley Wood, Kennington, where contemporary design meets family relaxation and entertainment. The inspiration behind this stunning garden was the newly extended house, a contemporary glass structure supported by large timber elements with a natural and rustic interior.

Nodal Space for Family Enjoyment

Our vision for this space was clear: to craft a contemporary nodal area that seamlessly integrates with the extended house. This became the heart of the garden, designed for family relaxation and entertainment. The result is a beautifully harmonious addition to the home.

Materials That Echo Nature

In keeping with the natural and rustic theme of the house, we carefully selected materials that complemented the surroundings. The circular seating space, a focal point of the garden, features yellow quartz paddle stone with sawn fossil mint setts. A bespoke cut coping beautifully finishes the seat, creating an inviting and stylish area for relaxation.

Mimicking Nature with Planed Oak

To add a touch of nature and continuity to the design, we incorporated planed oak timbers that mimic the vertical uprights of the house extension. These timbers serve a dual purpose, creating a comfortable seatback while also acting as a contemporary screen. This seamless integration ties the indoor and outdoor spaces together.

Nature's Serenade: The Bubbling Water Feature

A subtle and relaxing sound fills the air, thanks to the bubbling water feature. Positioned strategically, it not only adds an element of serenity but also beautifully reflects the sky above, connecting the garden to the heavens.

Modern Planting Palette

We brought the garden to life with highly textured planting, using tones of purple and white to create a modern planting palette. The result is a visually stunning landscape that complements the contemporary design.

Finishing Touches

No project is complete without the perfect finishing touches. Hand-made cushions and seat pads were carefully chosen to match the colour scheme, adding comfort and elegance to the space.


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